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Colour Theory

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Solo Colour theory 


As graphic designers we have to carefully select what colours to choose for our graphic design so that the intended message comes across. Colour is an important visual aspect and there are rules surrounding each colour. There are various terms that designers and artists alike may use to describe colour. These can be categorized into warm colours, cold colours and neutral colours.

 arm colours are those such as red, orange and yellow. In short these colours give warmth because they remind us of heat associated objects like the sun.

Cold Colours are those such as blue and green, which evoke a cold feeling because they remind us of things like water, the sky or plants.

.Neutral Colours are those such as grey and brown. These colours do not fit well with other colours  as they are bleak and dull.


Here is a list of colors that should help us sell the product and send the graphic sense we're trying to pass:

Green: prosperity, blossom, companies that are trying to display their products
as clean and fresh or eco friendly, cleanliness and purity, full intensity of life, spring of new
beginnings, lightness, calm, animals, nature, renewal, darker green points to
the strong nature, power, reliability, traditional, natural, luxury.

Yellow: Sunrise, a new beginning, association of sun, beaming, friendly,
energy, lightness, summer, childhood, playfulness, joy, light, life, energy.

Orange: energy, energetic feeling, something that should make us f
eel good, kids, warmth, play, something whimsical, stimulant.

Blue: credibility, authority, conservative, strength and power, security,
depth, dark, cold, mild degree of discomfort.

Pale Blue: calm, floating, water, cleaning, sky, calm, romantic, nostalgia,
cool, a sense of hope

Red: Something Wild, Without Borders, blood, terror, majesty, passion,
love, and appetite.

Black: basic color, powerful, mysterious, heavy, elegant color, color that highlights
other colors, integrates with all graphic elements and highlights the graphic,
strength, formality, color that integrated with all other colors, honor, depression,
expensive, prestigious, hatred, Power.

Brown: Something hot, land, belonging, family, empathy, internal pain,
nostalgia, memories, confidence, appetite.

Pink: romantic, soft and tenderness, infants and children, something sweet,
gentle, innocent.

White: highlighting other graphical elements, cleanliness, tranquility,
purity, something that emphasizes clean, light, a sense of hope, new life, peace.

Grey: professional, high tech, classical, sad, quiet, sophisticated, formal,
bored, eternity, fear, despondency.

Gold: Strength, royal, money and respect, honor, prestige, promise.

Boudreaux: exciting, color that gives strength, warmth, dynamic, stimulating,
provocative, dramatic, aggressive, warning, sexy, heartwarming.

Deep plum: luxury, classic, majestic, powerful, respectful.   

Purple: exciting, sensual, creative, something official, binding, unique color with
a presence, strong color, dignity, prestige, happiness, little discomfort extent
depending on which shade of purple used in the graphic.


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