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Designing with the right set of colours

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Designing with the right set of colours

How do we link the graphic design with colours:

What do colours like yellow, blue or red make us feel when we see them in a designed graphic? Do we feel sad, dreamy, sensual, aggressive or happy?
The viewers of our design will be affected by the choice of colour we decide on.
The choice is crucial in order to make the right impact on the target market.

When creating a corporate design it is very important to research what the first impression the colour emits to us as a signal. The identification process is the key for our success as a graphic designer and will help us keep our clients and gain more.
Choosing the right colour will create good esthetics and a feeling of harmony that will back up the product and improve the client ideas. Sets of colours stimulate our senses, our fantasies and push us to act and feel. The colours can make us love or hate a brand or product and will create social and business identifications with the products we create a graphic design for.