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Graphic Design- It’s everywhere you look.

One of the most widespread professions around is a career in graphic design. Every design, enhanced image, page layout, visual element or illustration we see has been created by a graphic designer. Graphic design holds such a broad spectrum of jobs but they all have one common denominator- the results of the job are always seen.

It is now impossible to imagine a world without graphic design. From a young age we are taught the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well graphics are used to portray information in a way that no other discipline can. Take a second to think about a billboard, it consists of one huge image but only a few words- am I right?


Graphic Design- The Stable Island

Graphic design is considered to be a stable career, unaffected by dips in the stock market and other financial crises. Even in times of recession, graphic designers manage to come through relatively unscathed probably due to the fact that the demand for graphic designers is always high.

Another question to be answered is "does it pay to be in graphic design?”. “Pay” can mean so much more than just the financial reward. There is no doubt that to be a graphic designer is to work in a captivating and addictive career. The seemingly limitless of jobs and the fact that no two days are ever the same is in itself a massive plus. Surveys are frequently sent out to professionals enquiring about job satisfaction and their conclusions regularly show that graphic designers are among the most satisfied professionals in today’s workplace.

Graphic designer

As with many other professions, the more experience a graphic designer has, the easier it is to negotiate better working conditions comparing to a newcomer to the profession can expect. A fresh faced graduate who is about to start his first job in a small advertising agency couldn’t possibly hope to get the same work contract as that of a graphic designer who has worked for 20 years at The Telegraph. However, everyone has to start somewhere and one of the pros of a career in graphic design is that there is a lot of room to rise and progress.