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As a Graphic illustrator you are almost guaranteed a fixed job when considering the present shortage in the industry of illustrators:

Graphic illustrators create illustrations in vector softwares such as the famous Illustrator and Photoshop software, graphic illustrators, take an idea or part of a story and illustrate it in a three-dimensional or two dimensional way in the graphic software.
Illustrators can create computerized drawings and paintings for books, newspapers, cartoons, advertisements. Illustrations for textile companies and fashion, packaging, and greeting cards. Graphic illustrators can express their illustration capabilities in a vector computer software easily demonstating their talents. Using graphical training you will learn the basics of advanced computerised illustration, fast illustration techniques, correct perspective in illustration, animation, illusion and more. With the right training you can build a computerised illustration portfolio, which will help you find a job easily in computerized art, graphic design and animation.

Job Opportunities for graphic illustrators are found in: journalism, magazines, books, web sites developers, companies and movie animation, motion multimedia, video industry, computer games, graphics, mobile and advanced design industry.

Today the design industry enables vector illustrations processed in Illustrator software to process later in other programs. Graphic illustrators usually tend to be freelancers who provide their services to different companies. The lack of graphic illustrators exists throughout the development of the Internet because the graphic illustrator builds a reputation in a very short period in the labor market, due to the demand from overseas multimedia and animation companies for illustrators. 

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