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How Does Online Learning Work?

At the Solo Graphic Design School all our classes are online. Our experienced team of tutors will follow you step by step catering for your needs and goals. Our students will join a virtual class on our online platform scheduling their classes around their busy life; they can take our graphic design classes during lunch breaks or perhaps in the evening after work.
Online Graphic Design Classes
We structure all our graphic design classes in an interesting and highly effective way. Every class will start when both the tutor and student join the virtual classroom. Please have a look at the following two steps for more information.
STEP 1   
Every student is followed by a personal tutor on Netmeeting, a conferencing programme developed by Microsoft that allows tutors and students to interact on the Internet in real time.
Every student will receive a link that will be sent to their inbox to access Netmeeting.
When students clicks on the link they will find themselves instantly connected to Netmeeting. By using headsets, students will be able to speak with their tutor in what works like an online video-conference. Tutors will demonstrate different tasks, theories and practices and students will be guided step by step.
Netvision is a video-audio conferencing program that allows tutors and students to interact and work together like in an ordinary classroom.
Tutors and students will interface in real time thanks to a virtual whiteboard. Moreover, Netmeeting features a sharing application where tutors can share applications such as Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator, and explain tasks and theories. By using Netmeeting, our students can see our tutors and vice-versa. The lesson takes place on a time agreed in advance by both the student and the tutor. Our tutors are very flexible and will usually try to accommodate students’ most suitable times. 
On Netmeeting students also have the opportunity to minimise the conference window and work on their own under the supervision of the tutor.
The structure of your lesson
Our graphic design classes split into different topics. Students will have time to practise before advancing with new topics by testing their knowledge with various exercises.
Why learning from home…
With lives becoming busier and busier, it is hard to find the time to attend a college. That’s why online learning is absolutely vital for students who want to refresh their skills or learning something new to revamp their CVs. 
All our graphic design courses are online and our students can follow them from the comfort of their home or during their lunch break. The only thing our students need is a good Internet connection and a built in microphone/speakers.
Here at Solo Online Graphic Design Courses, we make sure you get the most out of our classes without having to compromise on your lifestyle or work commitments. We pride ourselves on offering enjoyable classes providing a personal and customised guidance. Our teachers follow you from day number one and will be around throughout the course for help and more information.