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How to combine elements in graphic design?

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How to combine elements in graphic design?

In order to design a flowing, good composite in graphics we need to know a few facts about elements and the combination of them:

How would we combine graphic elements into our design:
Graphic elements are the visual tone of the graphic expression. In order to influence the tone in a right way it's important to focus on the theories of illusion. The graphic elements will work inside clear graphic rules to complete the ideas in digital graphics.

Colours, visual texture, gradient, shapes and lines:

These elements are the main ingredients of the graphic design. The line, for instance, could lead the eye to create movement in the design. With an effective strong line we could improve the whole form and design. Different graphic elements will determine the ratio between the forms on the page and will help organize the composition into a meaningful visual graphic design.

Graphic textures elements and colour transitions:

Graphic textures elements and colour transitions will supply the digital graphics with the visual sense and emotion. It could be by gentle vector lines or by bright colours to create a nice feeling of peace and relaxation.

Photographs in combination with vector graphics could bring about a sparkle of life in the design. Feeling a space or form with one colour would give the feeling of stability, order and elegance.

It is important  before we start designing, to think and decide where we would like to go with our design. What is the design for and how can we make the idea seen clearly by others ie our target audience.