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How to present a graphic design portfolio

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Graphic design portfolio

How to present a graphic design portfolio?

A  portfolio should  consist of graphic design projects, preferably ones that have been ordered and paid for by clients. There are several ways to present show or talent in a graphic design portfolio: high quality printed album of digital works, flash presentation, Photoshop presentation or a link to a free of charge site that will host our works.
Our  portfolio  should be  the shop window of our knowledge in digital graphic which we gained during our studies of graphic design.

This knowledge should be visually attractive to impress our potential future employer. It is the responsibility of the graphic design school to make sure a sufficient and attractive graphic portfolio is created during the studies.

How many graphic design works should we include in our portfolio?

As much as we would like to present  many graphic works that we created in order to show our talent in developing concept and our abilities in working with graphic and design digital programs it is not wise. The recommendation is to choose the best ten works we designed inorder to make a very good first impression on a client or a working place.

What kind of graphic design and visual communication work should we present?

The work we should include in our graphic design portfolio could be: DVD design, CD design, calendar design and graphic sketches that will show our ability in depth and perspective.
3D graphic design, Flash programed sites, Dream weaver programed sites, branding for companies and few illustrations if we intend to become a graphic illustrators.

The client or employer would most likely prefer to watch our work in a website. In a few minutes the employer can receive our portfolio, preview it and make a decision if he or she likes our work.