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  Illustrator Course

Adobe Illustrator Course- what is Illustrator?

Illustrator is the leading program in the field of design. Working with Illustrator has many advantages as it is designated for many and different graphic design professionals; from illustrators to fashion designers and many more, Illustrator is now the most popular program in use.
Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are the most effect graphic design programs currently available on the market.
Illustrator Course- what will I learn?
Our Illustrator course will provide you with in-depth working knowledge of the Illustrator program and will give you the skills and confidence to use this program at its very best.
This course syllabus includes:
  • Illustrations and graphic designs for websites
  • The various types of logo design
  • Professional quality typographic work
  • Breathtaking textile prints
  • Precise textures of a high quality
  • 3D based objects
  • Image combinations, line building and vector objects
  • Files for the internet and print houses
  • Graphical textures
By taking our Illustrator course, you will also learn how to design elementary graphics, create font styles for advertising purposes, manipulate objects and manage various graphic effects.
You will be taught how to work with:
  • The colour library
  • Screen colours
  • Print colours
  • Brushes
The Illustrator course will leave you with positive working habits ensuring the creation of high-quality work and effective time saving skills.
At Solo all our lessons are one to one and you will benefit from our tutors’ full support and attention.
Solo Online School for Graphic Design will give you a good working knowledge and expertise of the Illustrator program. This course will teach you all the information you need to know while fuelling your creativity and talent.