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What can be done with Photoshop software
and how Photoshop connects with graphic design?

Photoshop is a software primarily designed for photographers, graphic designers, image processors for print and computerized graphic, fashion designers and editors. It is essential to be a proficient user with Photoshop in order to edit and process Images
to show their best form.
Processed images can come from various sources including photos taken on digital cameras, studio photography, landscape photography, etc.

Usually images integrate in graphic designs ,therefore Photoshop is designed for photographers dealing with visual communication design. 


Photoshop allows:

Images to be cut, straighten, crooked, reduced or increased.

Removal of wrinkles.

Red eyes reduction and even change eye colour again.
To fix lighting and arrange the picture.

Correction of skin tones, and remove imperfections.

To separate objects from a picture.

To fix brightness/ contrast, to add color and reduce color.

To make a picture black and white.

To simulate nose surgery, whiten your teeth for a healthy smile.

To dye hair, remove wrinkles and reduce the signs of looking old.

To refine the skin and smooth the face, body shaping by reducing the waist and
remove unnecessary fat tires, tighten stomach, narrow buttocks.

Effects - motion effects, simulate illustration to make a picture look like the color in real,
create panoramic images, sharpen images- emphasizing areas within the image to
highlight specific areas.

In Photoshop we can reduce resolution of a picture so it will be lighter and then easier while loading a webpage.
Photoshop can also expose the dark areas, patches pictures that did not receive enough light; It enables graphic designers to play with the image in order to create feelings and messages.

Photoshop allows spectacular effects of silver and gold by a combination of effects
on effects to create a sense of money and prestige.
Photoshop can process digital images and make albums quickly and easily. We can outline this operation as image processing in Photoshop software, making the life of the graphic designer easier. Photoshop integrates between the three essential softwares in the market today and is an essential part of the graphic design package. 

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