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  Online Computer Illustration Course

Adobe Illustrator is a program that allows you to create exciting and distinctive digital artwork. Below is the syllabus of our Illustrator course for digital illustration and vector drawing. We invite you to try a free test lesson with our online teacher.

  • Introduction to Illustrator with demonstrations of it’s advanced graphic illustration abilities.

  • Black arrow element selection tool.

  • White arrow for straight selection.

  • Vector element editing instructions.

  • Magic wand tool for choosing colours and correct colour combinations

  • Document viewing.

  • Graphic textures- how to fill an illustration with texture.

  • Patterns and digital illustration combinations.

  • Arrangement of object on a document and navigation (Arrange).

  • Graphic composition (Align), composition of vector illustrations and shading.

  • Symmetry in work and graphic illustration of prepared sketches. Direct illustration of sketch to the computer.

  • Learning of illustrative skills and advanced illustration.

  • Transformation of elements.

  • Illustration slides with emphasis on techniques of creating optical illusions.

  • Advanced graphic illustration.

  • Animation and use of colour honing to add feeling to an image.

  • Mesh.

  • Correct methods of layering.

  • Filters.

  • Effects.

  • Point tools- tools for digital drawing and illustration.

  • Live trace.

  • Live paint.

  • Symbols.

  • Prominence of shading.

  • Envelope distort.

  • Illustrator brushes.

  • Gradient- advanced colouring.

Online Computer Illustration Courses

The Illustrator program is a specialized program for graphic illustrators and makes digital illustration easier. Learning to draw is an important step of digital drawing. Throughout the course you will learn to draw directly on the Illustrator program, eliminating the need to draw on paper. Hand drawn illustrations can be scanned in and uploaded to Illustrator making them available for digital work.

Another part of the syllabus is learning about Illustrator’s impressive digital editing tools and animation software. These are used when working with vector lines and logos, digital illustration, adverts, sketches and advanced graphic illustration. We will also cover comics, picture based digital drawing, the stages of drawing, and digital drawing of pictures, faces, figures etc.

Our digital drawing and illustration courses are suitable for all levels of expertise, from beginners to professional. Check out our website for professional video demonstrations and to learn more about Illustrator’s wonderful possibilities.

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