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  How are They Offered?

The practice of studying online has gained a lot of popularity in the world. If you want to become a designer you can now realise your dreams very easily and quickly than ever before. The web design courses and graphic design courses are now offered fully over the internet. You are no longer required to attend the classes for the studies. The following are some tips about how these courses are offered online.


 The training is one-on-one online - there are no videos

In order to ensure that the designers who take the studies online are professionally competent, the training is conducted one-on-one online. There are no videos in the training as it was the practice earlier. The high quality of online training whereby the tutor and the student interact live online as though they are in the class has encouraged many people to enrol for the web design courses and graphic design courses online. You will be trained LIVE OVER THE INTERNET how the modern designing is done by the use of various types of software and other computer applications.


 - The student is assigned a personal tutor

Unlike in the class whereby one tutor teaches several students at once, in the online training the student is assigned a personal tutor teaches them step by step how to use design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign and Dreamweaver among others.


  The tutor and the student schedule the studies at the MOST CONVENIENT time

Most of the people who want to take the courses of web designing or the graphic courses are mostly committed such that they cannot find the time of attending the pre-fixed and scheduled classes. This is the reason why the flexibility is entrenched in the online studies so that the tutor and the student decide and agree on the time that is the most convenient for taking the studies such that none of them is inconvenienced in any way.