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 Use New Breakthrough Tools with Photoshop CS5-6!

Photoshop CS6 takes Photoshop to a whole new level that can fully increase your productivity with its new features that allow you to edit your pictures with a whole new accuracy. If you want to change your job prospects and get into the world of graphic design, then this version of Photoshop is for you. If you have already completed a previous Photoshop course then you need to learn Photoshop CS5-6 on top of it to improve your resume.

 What new features does Photoshop CS5-6 offer?

There are a wide range of editing tools that are new to CS6 such as the smart filters, clone source palette, quick selection tool, print options, Adobe Bridge management, enhanced vanishing point along with contrast and brightness control, refine edge tools, streamline interface, huge improvements on camera Raw, black and white optional adjustment that blows the normal greyscale conversions out of the window and also image stitching. These are just some of the new features that are covered in the Photoshop CS5 online course. This is the best way to learn Photoshop CS5-6 and all its new features since you are taught one-on-one online by a personal tutor.

  Who should take the CS5-6 course?

Anyone 12 or older with a computer and access to the internet can learn Photoshop CS5 online. People who want to break into graphic design and artists should take these one-on-one online courses to become very successful in the design field they choose to go into. Website builders, media professionals, interior decorators, fashion designers and even jewellery designers should take the time to learn Photoshop CS6. This online course provides you with all of the right tools to become a true talent by assigning you your own tutor at the beginning of each course. The tutor will take control of your screen and mouse to help you quickly become the best.