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Welcome the New Photoshop CS5 and Embrace the Exciting Features

Photoshop CS5 is being embraced by the graphic design community and has survived the strict inspections they place on all new software that they approve of to be used. You need to remember that this community is very particular in everything they do, use and produce so that is why when they approved Photoshop CS5 all employees in the graphic design field who needed to upgrade their skills, took the Photoshop CS6 training course. This is why if you want to break into the world of graphic design it is so important to take a Photoshop CS5 training course.

 What is the best way to take the course, residential or online?

Since courses became available to complete online, students have responded and signed up in the masses. The reason for this is that you are able to study when and where you like. If you have existing jobs or family commitments you are able to fit your studies in and around online courses whereas a residential school you would not have the same type of flexibility. With the Photoshop CS6 training course you will be able to learn impressive skills and techniques in your spare time without interfering with your current commitments.

What is new about the CS5 course?

The CS5 software allows you to change a photograph into a painting so that you can adjust and manipulate it using the new and improved effects. Some of these effects include the Mixer Brush which is a function that allows you to colour blend on the converted canvas and the Bristle Tips which puts brush strokes that are textured onto the canvas. It also has the unique feature of mobile integration which uses the CS5 software to directly access an application on your phone and even your iPad. Photoshop CS5 training will open up a completely different world of design and artistry.