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The New Photoshop CS5 is Making its Mark and So Can You

Photoshop CS5 is the latest software package that Adobe has brought out onto the market and everyone within the graphic design industry is rushing to upgrade their skills and learn Photoshop CS5 as quickly as possible. In order for you to be as up-to-date as possible you need to learn Photoshop CS5 through this online course which makes it easy and convenient. This is the fastest way of keeping up with the skill set required to be a successful graphic designer.

What is the difference between CS4 and CS5?

Photoshop CS5 reduces the amount of selections that you click on to adjust and manipulate an image. They have turned up the speed that you can choose the right elements to adapt using automatic edge variation and masking tools that are part of the newer refinement package which is convenient and sharper. They have also included HDR imaging that is far more superior, allowing you to create images that you never thought were possible. This feature is very accurate and swift using automatic ghost removal, tone mapping and other adjustments. The CS4 software does not compare to CS5 in anyway and this is another reason why you need to learn Photoshop CS5.

What is the CS5 course like?

The CS5 Photoshop course is convenient for you because as an online course you are able to pick and choose when, where and at what time you study. Your own personal tutor will guide you through every lesson by screen sharing with you. By doing this they are able to show you directly what the program has to offer you. To learn Photoshop CS5 you only need a computer with a reliable internet connection and be prepared to spend your study time working hard and paying attention to your tutor.