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The Hidden Features within Adobe Photoshop CS5

At first glance Photoshop CS5 looks amazing and you can see how much has changed since the launch of CS4. The CS4 software laid a fantastic foundation that CS5 built upon to create the most sought after software on the market. Various different fields within the graphic design industry have taken in this new software and are using it to enhance their already amazing images and designs. In order to be able to succeed within these different fields you have to be up-to-date in your skill set and be able to back it up with your resume and that is why learning Photoshop CS5 is so important for your future career.

 What elements within the CS5 course will give me an advantage?

Getting an advantage over other applicants is important as it allows you to get noticed and getting noticed makes the difference between you getting that second interview and you getting a rejection letter. Within CS5 there are so many amazing functions and elements that it is hard to choose just which ones are the best. Features such as content aware fill, complex selections, 3D extrusions, HDR imaging, puppet war and superior motion editing are just some of the new and improved features that once you learn the course will give you the edge you are looking for. Learning Photoshop CS5 could be one of the most important things that you do with regards to your career.

Can I still work and take the course?

Yes you can. Since you are learning Photoshop CS5 online you are able to fit your study time around your job so you can continue to bring in a wage while taking the course rather than giving up your job to attend a residential college. When you begin learning Photoshop CS5 you will discover that you have your own tutor who will screen share each of your sessions, allowing them to teach you in a more personalised and professional manor.