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 - How Online Courses Can Change Your Life

Many of us work in jobs that do not completely fulfil us and we dream of bigger and better things. If you are one of the many people whose dream it is to get into graphic design there are online courses out there that you can take in order to take the first steps in changing your career and your life. The web design course online offered by Solo covers a wide range of courses for you to choose from depending on which field of graphic design you want to go into. Changing your career regardless of age or time spent working in a certain job is both easy and flexible when you take a web design course online through Solo.

 - How do I work and study at the same time?

When you take a web design course online you do not need to leave your job in order to study unlike a residential course. The exact same course in a residential school is available on the Solo website as an online course. You will learn the same skills, but are just taught in a different way. With an online course you are able to study anywhere there is a computer and an internet connection. You are allowed to take the studies when they fit into your daily commitments. The studies are scheduled with your own personal tutor who will train you one-on-one when it is most convenient for you.

  How can my tutor teach me online?

Each student is assigned their own tutor who will screen share with the student during each lesson, allowing them to take control of your screen and mouse to show you on the screen in front of you exactly how to use each function. It is as if your tutor is in the same room with you. This method of teaching has received fantastic reviews. Each web design course online offered by Solo offers one-to-one training by a personal tutor.