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 Design Brought to New and Exciting Heights Using Illustrator

Illustrator is another of Adobe’s software creations that deal with the manipulation of images and is mainly aimed at fashion designers, graphic designers, illustrators and logo designers. It is also perfect for other professions that require you to improve the graphics and design of work assignments and contracts. Adobe Illustrator is considered one of the best programs within its field. Knowledge, skills and a qualification in this software will give you a really good boost to move into fashion design with ease.

  What will I learn in the course?

The Illustrator for design syllabus includes all of the basic commands and functions that will help you to improve your skills as well as teaching you to create textile prints, logo design, typographic work, illustrations, website graphic design, work with textures and colour, and also the important and impressive 3D objects that can be created bringing a whole new dimension to your work. This is not an extensive list of everything that is on the Illustrator for design syllabus as it contains much, much more. All of this knowledge can really change how you think about fashion and what you have within your imagination can be set free as long as you stick to the Illustrator for design syllabus.

 How does the Illustrator design online course work?

The one-on-one learning program that is offered to you in the course by assigning your own personal tutor allows you to have some freedom in the timeline you have to study the course. It enables you to be able to follow through on commitments while still being able to study in your spare time. It does not matter whether you need to book your study sessions very early in the morning, during your lunch hour or even late at night, the online course is able to offer you this flexibility. Your tutor will be 100% supportive throughout the online course. The online Illustrator for fashion design syllabus is broken down into bite sized pieces making it easier for you to study and understand. The shared screen time with your tutor is also very beneficial and is one of the main reasons why this online course works so well.