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Learning online -  Who is it for?

Study graphic design, software design studies - online course

Learning graphic design. Why we recommended it ? Who is it for ?

Our courses are very flexible and serve the main purpose of providing the convenience, comfort and flexibility otherwise not found in the every day class room. At SOLO our classes are unique because the contents of the course materials are exclusive and have been designed by our highly experienced teaching staff. In addition, all our classes are delivered through a one to one basis allowing total dedication and attention designated to the student.

Distance learning/ remote learning also known as E-learning is ideal for those who prefer the convenience outside of the class room. It makes use of modern technology to provide innovative ways to interact like a school class room. Although distant learning is very flexible  it does nonetheless require a certain amount of dedication and discipline by the student. In effect remote learning has transformed the dynamics of learning; instead of the student going to school, the school now comes to the student.

As a student, it is your
responsibility to complete any necessary homework on time as well as being punctual. Lesson times are decided by the student and the teacher and then this timetable subsequently becomes the permanent lesson time.

Our courses are recommended for people aged 15+ although we can cater to a slightly younger age group depending on their level of discipline. 


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Why choose online distance learning:

There are numerous reasons why more and more people choose remote learning.Online remote learning may appeal to you if:

* You have a busy weekly schedule which does not permit regular group study sessions

with rigid deadlines.

* You want to learn at a time and place of your choice, at your own pace.

* You have outside commitments making it impractical for you to attend a regular course elsewhere.

* You have mobility or health problems making travel or attendance difficult.

* You live a long way from a training provider.

* You work irregular hours or shifts.

* You simply want the convenience of home comfort, office or internet cafe.

* You have a set budget and schools simply cost too much money.

* You cannot travel to a school 
because it is too far away.

There are evidently lots more reasons of practicality why some of students favour us to a college or school.


Online remote learning is suitable for people that want to combine study and work.

In the luxury and comfort of your own home, sitting in a natural learning environment as well as no requirement to travel is partly why more and more people choose us. Not to mention our success rate.

We all know that after a hard day’s work most of us prefer to go home and relax rather than worrying about where to be next. Unfortunately this attitude sometimes prevents us from expanding our knowledge into other areas however distance teaching gives you the ultimate solution.

These are just some of the reasons, Solo online graphic courses established a remote learning system to study the various graphic design softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and Dreamweaver in the convenience of your home and schedule.

Hours :

The School Office is open from 8.30am until 21.00pm

School Hours :

Sunday 8am - 22pm
Monday 8am - 22pm

Tuesday 8am - 22pm

Wednesday 8am - 22pm

Thursday 8am - 22pm

Friday 8am - 4pm


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