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180 Best-Of Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

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180 Best-Of Adobe Illustrator Tutorials


  • Opening a file - File New

  • You can chose the size of the file A4/A3… and if it will be horizontal or vertical.


  • Profile should always start as print.


  • Saving – always in a format of Adobe  (AI)

  • If the version your client has is an older one you can change the saving version.


  • Shapes- from the ruler you take out the shapes – push the arrow when the word Tear Of appears.

  • When you accidently push on grid on the tool ruler –

  • View Perspective grid hide grid


  • Black arrow – drag objects , Increase & decrease, turn

  • When you choose some elements together you can make the change on them together.


  • Double – by pressing Alt you can duplicate a shape

  • If the shape is choosen with other shapes you duplicate the shape by pressing inside one of the shapes. For a strae line you shoud add the shift!

  • Choosing the shapes together will always be done from the outside to the inside (an empty space)


  • Shift- you can add and subtract choosing with the shift.

  • Pressing on the shape with shift and+ and moving to another shape and pressing shift and + lets us work on the shapes at the same time.


  • Proportion shape – by using the shift and alt the shape will be created from the center.


  • Colors – every shape is made from a frame and a filling. You can move between them on the tool ruler. When you are on the right place (frame/filling) you choose the color from the swatches in Window.




How to study illustrator courses uk from home?

  • Loading colors – click twice on the color on the tool ruler and drag it to the swatches.

  • If a shape is opened we can fill it by clicking on the color on the tool ruler.


  • Stroke – WIN STROKE open a window of possibility for a different shape and still for the frame (profiles).


  • ArrowHeads- In the stroke window we have the ArrowHeads. We can choose how would the begin or the end of the stroke will look like.


  • None Color- by pushing on the tool ruler or in the swatches we can cansel


  • the filling color or the frame color. When we use this we cant drag the shape from with in

  • because it’s a “non” thing…


  • Doc Setup- we can change the size of the file to horizontal / vertical

  • FILE Doc setup Edit artBoard


  • Shapes size- by clicking on the shape we are opening a window and we can choose the size of the shape.

  • Polygon- by clicking on the shape we are opening a window and we can choose the

  • Number of sides of the shape.

  • Star- by clicking on the shape we are opening a window and we can choose the number of points and the radios of the shape.


  • Big to Small- we can make a shape in a shape:

  1. EDIT COPY (cmd C) PAST INFRONT (cmd F)

  2. SHIFT+ALT to make the shape smaller

  3. Changing the color

  4. Repeat the process as many times as we need (want..)

  5. Cancel the frame on the outcome to make it nicer


  • Group- after making the shape from big to small or a shape that is created from more then one shape we can make it in to one shape

  • OBJECT GROUP (cmd G)

  • or canceling

  • OBJECT UNGROUP (cmd shift G)

  • 45 Degree turn- after copying the shape cmd C + cmd F we press the shift and drag the shape , it will turn in 45 degree each time

  • Lock- by using Lock we pin the shape in its place, and we cant move it.


  • PS- after we have a nice shape we can copy it and past it on PS . in PS it will ask us before pasting SMART or PIXEL we always choose PIXEL. If we made a mistake we can go to layers and with the right mouse choose RASTRIZE LAYER.


  • Patterns for swatches- after creating a special shape we can make it small and then drag it to the swatches. Now it can be used for filling in a shape.

  • We can make a big rectangle and fill it with the new pattern and then copy it to PS and

  • work on it as a background treated with filters or not.


  • Importing a picture- we choose a pic then FILEPLACE

  • When there is an X on the pic we press EMBAD witch means all action on the pic wont harm the original pic.

  • We can add shapes to the pic and make a shape out of all of it. Then it can be a pattern in swatches.

  • OutLine- when we want to move the shapes back or forward without using orders, we use-


  • That changes all the shapes to transparent and you can see throw them and just drag the

  • shape to the place you want.

  • To go back to the original colors we use-



  • hite Arrow- by using the white arrow we can move ans build the shape as we want.

    • We choose the points witch we want to work on (they will turn blue and the rest white)

    • We pull the point to the Distortion we want

    • When all the points are blue the arrow is like a black arrow.

    • We need to use the white arrow without the plus!


  •  Copy/Past- to copy the shape we need to use the black arrow. If we use the white arrow it will only copy the part we are working on.