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Free Photoshop Lessons-Tutorials-How to Use Photoshop CREATING LAYERS

How to study photoshop courses online from home

  1. To create a layer, Press window at top of page in Photoshop & then select “ Layers”

  2. To build up on an image, never work on the Backround Layer

  3. First bring layer onto the blank page—To do this, you need to look at icon at the bottom of the “Layers box”—Then 2nd icon in from the right hand side…. Select that

  4. Click each time , you want to create a new layer… In the layers box, this will show as separate pages.

  5. Use relevant shapes & bring them onto the page & tie them in with the images

  6. To be able to move images separately, Go to the Auto box & ensure tick has been marked

  7. Always Name the layers by pressing Right click so that you are aware of which layer you are working on….NB: Important To Name & Layer everything, is the Heart of Photoshop!!

  8. To drag an image within the Layers box, you should click & drag over one another—until you see the black line

  9. To delete a layer, drag the layer to the box of the box to the dust bin icon or press delete on keyboard

  10. Notice when creating a layer, you will see an icon on the left which is like an Eye… the purpose of the eye, shows at what stage you have reached & identifies what you are working on… Eg: New image, then insert border, then add shapes, then 3 new borders etc

  11. Always alter shape by using Edit, Free Transform…. Also remember to increase image in proportion by using Shift Key… but you have to Click on image first