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  1. Pattern- Press Edit, Fill & then Pattern… Select small icon in top right corner- which gives you options to select further patterns

  2. A Pattern can be used on each layer… Remember to press “ APPEND” when selecting a Pattern

  3. Open image/ picture as normal- this will the first layer. Draw the relevant shape eg: Circle. Go to the top where the toolbar is with all the icons. Press SELECT. By doing this, you are getting an image & selecting part of the image & editing it.

  4. In SELECT, press INVERSE- this removes the outer part of the image- the part that you do not want. * NB: Always make layer selection first- before doing anything, then create another layer. Always PRESS DELETE, so you have remainder left…. Go back & press DESELECT.

  5. Shortcut for DESELECT= CTRL + D

  6. FEATHERING – Press select, Modify= Feathering…. Range of feathering can be from 5- 255. 5 is very close to a bold, sharp image … as to 255, which is very fethered & faded. EG: In photoshop- open new file, create new layer, Select shape, press select- then modify then feather option…. Right click fill & select colour option. How to study photoshop courses online from home

  7. EG of FEATHERING= Create new layer, for Backround ie: Black Backround ( Edit, Fill, Black). Create shape smaller than file- Feather, 255 …. Remember Pattern, Colour Grey, Backround, Edit- Fill – Feather.

  8. BACKROUND- To create a backround using block colour and pattern… first open new file, Press Edit, fill – select either colour or pattern, which ever you prefer. ** Always create new layer. Select shape & size ie: Rectangle or Oval to fit page, Then go to Select- Modify- Feather ( Select feathering Range, 5- 255)—Press ok, then Right click to fill with colour.