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  Photoshop Course for Photographers - online

Photoshop Course for Photographers – online
Our Photoshop Course for Photographers explains and demonstrates Photoshop to our students by particularly covering tools for editing and repairing images, colour correction, colour gradient, etc…
This course syllabus includes:
  • Picture effects
  • Texts
  • Layers
  • Effects
  • Filters
  • Slides
  • Advanced colour mixing
  • Collages
  • Cutting and burning pictures
  • Adjustment
  • Photo refinement
  • Image cleaning
  • Concealment and blurring of wrinkles
  • Size reduction
  • Photoshop presentations
  • Preparation of images for processing
Photoshop Course for Photographers
These days photographers use many graphic design applications to obtain high-quality pictures. Our course will enable photographers to learn the best techniques to manipulate pictures saving expensive graphic costs.
This course syllabus also includes:
  • Processing pictures and professional correction of photos
  • Retouching of photos
  • Fragmenting & recovery of elements
  • Facial correction
  • Photo editing
  • Photo reduction
  • Professional integration of photos and creating an atmospheric picture
  • Correction of light and overexposure
  • Make up and renewal of make up
  • Designing the form of a model and body structure
  • Airbrushing
  • Removal of blemishes
  • Photo integration and creating harmony in a picture
  • Professional work layering
  • Creating ornamental brushes
  • Creating digital albums
  • Working with texts and using pictures in commercial fliers
  • Designing photos for fashion, fashion design, product design etc…
Online course, flexible hours…
The Photoshop Course for Photographers comes directly to your home. Personal tutors will teach you online around your work and life commitments. You can book lessons with our school anytime in the week. Online learning gives you direct access to a personal tutor who will teach you for the entire duration of your Photoshop for Photographers Course.